Rules and Regulations

  1. Attendance will be made mandatory, and no relaxation would be given.  If the student remains absent for more than THREE days, either continuously or in gaps, then he/she would be required to bring his/her parents.
  1. Students having less than 75% attendance would be barred from filling-up the examination form(s).
  1. Fortnightly tests would be conducted; absence/failure from the same would impose a fine, and also the copy of the answer-sheets would be sent to the parents.
  1. Viva-voce would be conducted everyday during the lab-hours.
  1. Students scoring marks below 50% in sessional exams would be required to submit an assignment of the concerned subject to the respective faculty.
  1. Students who remain absent in the sessionals would not be allowed to fill the University Examination forms.
  1. Students should maintain a record (in the form of notebook/register) of all the regular assignments for each subject.
  1. Mobile phones are banned in the college campus.  Anyone found violating this rule would be penalized, and the phone(s) would not be returned.
  1. Uniform (complete with shirt/trousers/tie/shoes) along with ID-card is compulsory, and checking would be done at the security-gate.  Surprise checking would also be done by the proctorial committee, as well as by the concerned faculty members of the respective class.  Anyone found violating this rule would be fined on the spot.
  1. Girls and Boys are required to sit separately during the class hours and the seating arrangement should not be disturbed