The Library is the center of knowledge and information services in any institution. It serves as an imaginative, creative and innovative capital in supporting the teaching, learning, and research activities. And our library also plays an utmost role in meeting its user’s needs. Library was established with the birth of the institution, Since then it has grown enormously became seven fold from its origin and  playing indispensable role in building the career, occupation and  professional life of students, research scholars and assisting and benefiting the teacher community. We houses vast and significant collections ranging from print to digital sources and resources.


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Mr. Gaurav Awasthi  
Librarian (B.Sc(Med.), M.Lib. Sc. )
Experience: 7 year
  1. Mrs Aruna Devi           Designation: Assistant Librarian, Qualification: D.Lib.
  2. Mrs Saroj Kumari         Designation: Library Attendant, Qualification: 10 +2

The College has an excellent Library and Information Center, one of the central support services of the institution, which acts as a primary source for information seekers, be it students, faculty or researchers. The fully air conditioned library has been carefully designed to maximises natural lighting to the users and provide a comfortable seating and reading environment. The library is well equipped with modem facilities and resources in the form of CD-ROMs online database, video cassettes, books, journals, back volumes of journals, theses, WHO publications-journals and E-books.


General Rules

1) Silence must be observed inside the library. No Group Discussion are allowed

2) Personal belongings of every kind will have to place outside the library at designated place.

3)  No unauthorized shall be enter inside the library.  In case for any help or usage, permission of Principal or Librarian is required.

4)  It is the moral duty of users and members to protect and care all the assets of library.  Any kind of breakage, damage, defacement of library resource is unethical and would be punishable.

5) Use of any personal electronic gazette for mean less purpose is strictly banned.

6) Users are requested to leave the reading materials on the reading tables. The Library staff will shelve these materials.

7) Membership of a user can be terminated on account of any misbehavior with the Library staff or for indecent manners.

Library Collection

We houses vast and significant collection ranging from print to digital resources.

Text Books: Library has rich collection of Textbooks. All books are bar-coded and have 7000 plus books on Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Industrial Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Cosmetic Technology, Drug Stores and Business Management. Pharmacy Laws and Acts. Intellectual Properties Rights, Biostatics, Computer Aided Drug Design, Drug Delivery systems, Pharmacognosy, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology,  Social and  Community Medicines, Pharmacy Practice etc. We have also significant number of copies against any title.

E-Books: Library has about 3500 plus e books for students and readers. Books are subject e-books, General e-books, novels, etc.

Reference books. Many useful and important General reference books and subject reference books are available in the library, like latest editions of Indian Pharmacopeia (after 1996 all editions are available), British Pharmacopeia, US Pharmacopeia. International Pharmacopeia, Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia, Merck Index, Wealth of India, Arien Series, Burger’s series, Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Encyclopedias. Etc.

Print Journals: More than 20 Journals

Online Journals/E. Resources : 200+ best quality Journals of EBSCO Information services

Magazines: 10 plus magazines of different domains

Newspapers:  5 plus of Hindi and English Languages.


  1. Reference  Services
  2. Photocopying Service
  3. Literature Search
  4. Membership
  5. Online Public Access Catalog.

Library Sections

Circulation Section: Books are circulated with the help of computers. Library is fully automated. The automation software is KOHA. Timings are from 10:00am up to 4:30 pm on all working day.

Reference Section: Library has well established reference section to sort out any query of user community. Timings are same as working hours of library.

Periodical Section : User community can get all ranges of periodical in this section like news papers. Magazines, Conference proceedings, Souvenirs etc.

Journal Section: Library subscribes more than 20 journals. It has about ten years back volumes and housed all the same in its Journal Section.

Computer Section:  Library is equipped with latest computers and is connected to high speed internet connectivity during its working hours which assist all its reader community