Girls Hostel

Hostel Facilities

16.01.2020 :Hostel Rules & Regulations

Girls Hostel centrally located, but also provides a good and safe atmosphere for the girls. The Hostel is in the campus. The residents have access to medical aid and counselling within the hostel premises. 
A fully equipped kitchen provides wholesome vegetarian food and the hostel has an excellent library as well as TV and VCD facilities. Indeed, the concern, facilities and atmosphere give a soothing feeling to the parents/guardians who leave their wards in our hostel.

Hostel hostel

The hostel has been designed not only to make the stay of the students comfortable, but also to make them feel at home, to boost their morale and to encourage them to study. Students can spend their free time either by playing indoor games in the recreation room or by watching their favourite T V programmes in the common room.